Vincent can Gogh:1885 ‘starry night’

Starry night: This painting is famously known for the quirky brush technique that Van Gogh has used in this particular painting. He has used colours that a deemed dark and frightful being he has mainly used dark blue and browns. Showing in this painting see many what could be considered suns or storms, most people agree that his idea stemmed from Picasso’s blue era. I believe that Van Gogh has really used the right approach in making this painting have the emotion and attitude it does colours he really captivated us using the colours that match the sense of the painting.

Tamara De Lempicka:1930 ‘the blue scarf’


Lempicka became the leading representative of the Art Deco movement especially in Europe and was commonly refereed to as ‘The baroness with a brush’. Her most recognisable piece of the 1930s was a painting called ‘the blue scarf’ which feature dark and depressing colours which seemed to be a reflection of the post world war and the Great Depression as the colour blue symbolise sadness referring to Picasso ‘the blue period’. Furthermore her work opened the door and a path for other artist like her and the decade 1930s carried a lot of modern clean and inspiring artist and pieces which carry through from today.