“Trouble in Utopia” addresses mainly with aesthetic ideal’s domination’s and architecture (for example, linearity and simplicity) over needs of humans and people’s realities actually working and living in these creations. Hughes discourses the architect “Adolf Loos”’ works for that material the “Viennese doctor Sigmund Freud”, it was believed by Loos that the art and design was libidinous prior to this was everything. “All art is erotic”, he bluntly declared”. It is asserted by Hughes (1980): “The last half century, in architecture, has witnessed Future’s death. Alike the High Renaissance or, Baroque the “modern movement” died and lived. It created its masterworks, certain survive, nonetheless its principles no longer is authoritative to encourage the new world’s vision; and the architect’s “Expressionist idea” as the “Lord of Art” that provide the “modern movement” its enthusiastic determination, is dead outside revival”