“The Enlightenment” discourses that enlightenment brings the key enlightenment thinker’s work for instance “Hobbled, Rousseau, Diderot and Kant”, to exhibit their accomplishment’s significance amid their age in past. The different Sources are amid the (17th, 18th & 20th centuries) these are categorised in diverse band of section elucidate the Enlightenment’s diverse aspects for instance: The Religion, political theory, nature, art and belief.

It likewise provides information based on modern critique on time by writers, for instance, Lyotard, Habermas, and Foucault. This book is an effective source through which people get information who needs to acquire knowledge from the perspective of philosophers (Hyland, Gomez, and Greensides, 2003).

Hyland, P., Gomez, O. and Greensides, F. eds., 2003. The Enlightenment: a sourcebook and reader. Psychology Press