Screen printing

In this workshop session the topic was on screen printing where I learned the process of how to screen print. Below I have listed the process of how I created my screen print in steps.

Step 1

The silk screens was coated with a special emulsion which its purpose was to stop any ink from seeping through the screen when printing, where it is not wanted.

Step 3

The kodatrace with my desired design(simple pattern) on is placed onto a large exposure unit (which is like a big lightbox). The coated screen is placed on top of the design and exposed to the light for a specific amount of time.

Step 4

The screen was then rinsed with water and the emulsion was carefully washed away leaving a clear mesh to show the imprint of the design. The screen was then touched up with the emulsion.

Step 5

I then laid my fabric out and placed the screen on top and evenly poured a small amount of ink horizontally across the top of the screen. I then took the squeegee and made one smooth movement down the screen, exerting strong pressure. I ran the squeegee up, down, left, and right a couple times to push all the ink through onto the fabric. When I was completely satisfied I lifted the screen up and my design was successfully printed onto the fabric.

I found this process very fun and a very creative technique for printing. I enjoyed making screen prints and I would definitely use this technique in future projects.

Health and safety procedures followed:

Screen printing

  • No running
  • Gloves
  • Apron
  • No food/ eating or drinking
  • Sensible behaviour
  • Wash and dry screen carefully
  • Do not throw water around

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