On October 13, the guest of Industry Friday was Michael Radford. He’s a photograhic artist, picture editor and writer working in London. His lecture was based on his work. Michael went to Italy where he was photographing an orange tree.¬†During his work in Italy he hired people to help him as photography assistants. He told us about the problems that migrants need to cope with. They are often recruited by gangs to work in the field to pick fruits and vegetables. They work 12 hours per day in very difficult weather conditions and get paid less than minimum wage.

Michael Radford was an employee at The Design Museum where he was helping in writing 3 books. Then he went to Newsweek. He did a lot of work about colonialism. He’s also fascinated with statues, which have been white washed. He is interested in how many ways we are able to represent¬† things. In his opinion representing images is powerful and it’s up to us what we want to portray.

The lecture was interesting but photograpy is not my favourite field. His work gave me new insights into the world and showed how differently we can percieve the same art.