On a rainy Tuesday … the first-year graphic design students were tasked with making a logo and badge for the lesbian and transgender gay and lesbian LGBT. In the beginning was to do some sketches and research on the subject but with the rule, we had to use the colours of the association flag. then we had a class with our teacher Noel in which we presented our sketches and he guided us in ways to recreate the ones we had but better and that there would be a little more with the story. the following week we had a visit from a representative of the association to guide us in the last details about the badge. in my opinion, I think it didn’t help that much, he was just criticizing our works but this is how its gonna be in the future and we have to get prepared for any costumer.

After that class, we finished our work at home and had to make a small presentation in InDesign about the process of the project and talk a little about our own badge.
So I conclude that the themes may not know the most pleasing but that we have to do the jobs that we are asked for. in fact I found the work interesting because I learned a little more about the association and the people who work for it and what it represents.