laser cutting

This workshop was laser cutting the instructions for laser cutting to be followed are shown below:

  1. Switch off the laser cutter and fume extractor
  2. Open the lid
  3. Clear the bed of any large left over pieces of material
  4. Vacuum away any dust
  5. Gently pull the gantry to a comfortable position
  6. Slide the focus carriage to a comfortable position
  7. Lay a sheet of paper or card under the focus carriage to collect any dropped


  1. Using your finger and thumb undo the three screws and store them safely on

the desk

  1. Gently pull the front cover away from the gantry
  2. Check for any debris, which may have been deposited, on the mirror or

focus lens

  1. Holding the cover outside of the machine, use the lens cleaning solution to

cover the surface of the dirty optical element and allow it to soak for a minute

  1. Gently rub one of the provided cotton swaps around the optical element in

small circles, repeat this step until the debris is gone using a fresh cotton swab

for each pass of the element

  1. Recheck for any missed debris but don’t worry about small pieces of lint that

come of the cotton swab

  1. Return the front cover to it’s housing on the focus carriage, being careful to

avoid forcing or knocking the mirror or focus lens against the housing

  1. Put the screws back in
  2. Remove the sheet of paper or card
  3. Gently return the gantry to its top right home position
  4. Throw away the used cotton buds
  5. Put away cleaning materials

I found this technique very interesting and fun as the result was very pleasing.