KAROLINA LEBEK: 02/03/2018- Industrial Friday

Karolina Lebek, graduated from University of Bedfordshire where she studied BA (Hons) photography and video art in 2012. Later she went on to study MA photography at the Royal College of Art. Her work is based on investigation of phenomenon of the sacred, especially exploring themes of shame, sexuality, ritual and myth. Her work shows a record of getting inside of a scar, approaching most vulnerable source that yet discharges strength. It revel the wound and repeats the cuts. With traumatism as an opening to the future of the wound, she is basically creating a theatre, a stage for invocation of the past where still and moving images activates each other have a productive dialogue that brings to the fore exploration of the sacred, the ritual and the body. Especially, she is trying to express subtle and perturbing worlds and building in her own lexicon of symbolic language, which is populated by unspoken narrative.

I really liked the way she works her individual photo tells a story about itself, which makes it stand out. On the other hand the photographs are super clear which means it shows all the fine details. The focus shows everyday life items and how they play a part. Most of them look quite domestic to referee it to traumatizing things that possibly took place in our lives or in her life. Her work is targeted towards everyone.