we had to do a job for the national museum. the work was divided into groups. My group was with Wendell the Marks and the cam and we stayed with Julius Caesar. in the beginning, we had to do some research on the symbols and colours that represented the person who was Julius Caesar. Me, Wendell and Marks did the research to look for this while the cam was in charge of making some sketches of how we wanted our poster to be. We decided later that we wanted to make a crown by the hand. we arranged wire and a yellow cardboard to make of golden petals and we cut for paste in the wire. we also get a suit for the model. our idea was a Julius Caesar but these days, a person looking good and successful in life. our model was the cam because of hair colour and style. after the photo shoot, we have chosen the best photo and edited. then we put the information. we did a few sketches so that the class and the teacher could help us choose but it went well. this work was done by us and with the participation of the first year photography group who were obviously the ones who took the photos.