Phill Goss studied English Literature BA, at Edinburgh University, and Visual Communication MA, at the Royal College of Art in 2013. He has shown at the V&A museum, Evenly Yard, Aldeburgh lookout tower, Geddes Gallery and London Design Festival; designed print for Folk and Paul Smith and has produced bespoke interiors for Alex Eagle, Blacks etc. and is currently the Director of the Centre for Recent Drawing in London.

Phill Goss’s work often origins in the observation of the everyday, but ends in inhabiting a nether space in the twilight between the observed and the imagined. The works all starts as line drawings which are then refracted through painting and print to arrive some distance from their origins. Phill Goss is influenced by writers such as J G Ballard who explore the destabilising of any singular meaning; Goss’s work pitches against received ideas of coherence in composition or perspectives and in the play of different media. His recent works takes inspiration form the objects and landscape he is surrounded with. He balances a strong use of line with simplified forms and colours as primary mode of expression. This creates imagery that is both familiar and strange. Through drawing Goss attempts to create images that conjure up a feeling or way of looking at something that can be expressed clearly in language. This is enhancing by vigorous mark making and lyrical colours.