Understanding the industrial revolution

Written by: Charles More


Reviewing this book I got the chance to understand the great purpose and means for the period of the industrial revolution being that the word revolution is meant to be of suddeness just like the French and American revolutions however the industrial revolution was not a sudden event and crossed years between the mid 18th and 19th century. In belief of Charles more as he stated that industrial revolution was the nature of the economic growth pattern in Europe and had instance in such growth. I found much interest in this book as it had opened by mind to understand the importance of what has helped grow our society and community in this day and age particularly the 21st century Britain.

Understanding industrial revolution [pg32] (2002) Charles Moore. Google books [online] Available from: https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/Understanding_the_Industrial_Revolution.html?id=VJPCuOCFBWIC&redir_esc=y&hl=en [Accessed 26th February 2018]