Fredric Jameson Postmodernism

Fredric Jameson has offered a particulate influential analysis of the current postmodernism stage. Jameson was most critical about our current historical situation. And according to Jameson, postmodernity has transformed the historical past into a series of emptied out stylisations that can be commodified or consume. Jameson takes the contrast of the postmodern situation with the modernist situation. Overall his belief was that of or generation and era in time with contrasting art it was about to crumble and there are no inspiring individuals grasping the stage as there were modernist period, I also agree with his logic way of thinking about the situation of postmodern era that we are in right now considering there hasn’t been a time of great change or a showing of new change.


Fredric Jameson (1991) The cultural logic of late capitalism, (chapter1) [online] Available from: https://www.marxists.org/reference/subject/philosophy/works/us/jameson.htm [Accessed: 3rd April]