In today’s essential skill set class we were given two different tasks to complete; first one being drawing and the second one was ‘shirt deconstruction’. In the first task were we asked to draw a coat in different time sets e.g. in 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, 20 seconds and then finally 10 seconds. We were then asked to draw the coat twice, in 30 seconds with a unique twist to it- 30 seconds observing the coat and then drawing it for 30 seconds without looking up at the coat and then 30 seconds drawing the coat without looking at the paper. Then, in 1 minute in a continuous line. Lastly, we were given 5 minutes to draw the coat in detail and to show technical drawing styles e.g. shading, showing the texture of the garment.

When doing this task I noticed that I struggled to complete the drawings in the shorter time sets but when we were given 5 minutes to draw I was able to complete my drawing. This gave me clarification that as an individual I like to take my time when drawing, in order to show every detail that I can see in front of me. I understand that as fashion students we are not alike and that the other individuals in the class didn’t struggle to complete their drawings and expressed their work better in shorter times. I realised that drawing without looking (drawing from memory) can allow fresh and interesting ideas to show through when drawing a design, which is essential as a fashion design student because it shows creativity and uniqueness.

From doing this task I understood that drawing can be used a way of communicating ideas/designs, which is highly expected being a fashion student. I also learnt that drawing can be expressed in different ways e.g. people find it better to be more accurate and other people find it easier to express the important and basic elements of a design.


In the second task we were asked to go in groups and take three shirts and construct them in ways that are not the ‘typical shirt’; we had to do this three times and at the end of each time we had 5 minutes to draw the front and back of the garments made. I can see that this task was inspired by Martin Margiela’s idea of shirt deconstruction, where an ordinary shirt is taken and constructed in a creative and intriguing manner. I understand that this task was set so we as students can develop our creative imaginations.

1st ‘Shirt Deconstruction’ Design


2nd ‘Shirt Deconstruction’ Design


3rd ‘Shirt Deconstruction’ Design



After this task me and my group members had to decide our favourite design and draw out how we would individually construct the design to fit like a garment- the group’s favourite design was the 2nd design. We then had to individually draw out how the design would fit as a garment. On my drawn design I added an elastic band around the waist of the skirt so then it would sit well on the waist. I also added a zip fastening to the bodice, so its easy to put on and straight stitches so the different materials can be joined together; sustaining the movement that the fabric is making in the images above.

The last thing we had to do was to draw the same design in the 30 second and 20 second time sets. In the 20 second time set I managed to complete the drawing by stepping out of my comfort zone and just doing a basic drawing of the garment, which made me look at the garment in a different aspect.