The Social Landscapeplanning my brief

Looking over my brief for this assignment I decided to brainstorm some ideas and really think about what the social landscape means to me. To me it means, ‘Different people, different lives, different dreams, different cultures, and society around us.’

I thought about the society around us in particular Luton and brainstormed some of these issues;-

  • Poverty
  • Racism
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Violence
  • Trafficking
  • Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Terrorism
  • Child pregnancy (teenagers)
  • Politics
  • Housing
  • JobsDisabled people/ Elderly

All of the above issues are current and relevant to many people in and around our own towns or cities. The more I thought about these issues the more I thought about them relating together and how they start to interact with each other. The common denominator in many of them are upbringing, surroundings and peer pressure. I want to try and bring out the connection to some of the above issues and I have decided to focus on teenage pregnancy but want to try and show the social class of a poor upbringing.

Want to show her surroundings and concentrate on her upbringing and the peer pressure around her. Issues around her are bullying, peer pressure, boys, sexual relations, insecurity, depression, loneliness, trafficking, drugs, alcohol. I want to try and show through my photos the pain that young girls face and how difficult the teen years can be.

For my first shoot I want to choose an area that shows social class, I am using my niece to model for me and I am focusing on her upbringing so perhaps how she lives and the area in which she grows up. Want to show her vulnerabiity and innocence so perhaps playing or in her bedroom etc Maybe bringing in a bike to show the teenage factor. The whole time I imagine the subject to be very straight faced and blank expression to focus on the fact that teenagers are in their own lost world.