He was the “black graffiti artist” aged 19 years who became dear of “the ’80s New York art scene”, then destructed himself when he was 27. This in fact expresses little regarding artist, the instincts after his art, or what the cause of his death was. The author is extremely self-assured in this role, but “Schnabel” permit him to navigate via life unmindful to whatever protect his talent. He was an invasive journalist who enquires “Basquiat” correct questions, regarding celebrity, art’s true value and gender. They do not speak identical language, nonetheless though if people not get complete answers, this is captivating to see unease of Basquiat when he is actually being pressed. Then, it is only the other tale of stardom’s peril covered with kitsch representation (Schnabel, 1996).

Schnabel, J., 1996. Basquiat (film). New York.