In the beginning of our first term, learning the basic of animation lead us to the capacity through the entire process of animation films. Animation would require practice and testing because there can be many ways you can go wrong with your project.

For this brief, we were giving a task to produced 5 separate 17 frame animations that usually run 25fp. As a group, we decide to create a theme to animate animals as our theme song. We used the song Paper planes by the artist M.I.A as the soundtrack.

For this project, I decided to have the whale breaching by diving in the water. Learning to animate whale breaching wasn’t a straightforward task, my first attempt wasn’t the best imagery that I hope for. Luckily I’ve made further improvement to learn through my mistakes to get the better movement.


My second animation is animating cat using the photograph sequence by Eadweard Muybridge’s motion pictures I took as reference. It’s similar to his animation based on the photographs of the horse in motion. It’s was my way of learning about motion picture and subsequently.


For my third animation, I went on animating the peacock walking to the center, with its shimmering feathers from behind when the tail is extended and fully fanned. having to animate the peacock has made me more it more sophisticated to add more texture and detail to make it stand out more. I’m proud of my animation, but my only issue was having the head shaking rapidly.