Trouble in Utopia (Ep4)

This is one of Robert Hughes original series about the development of art in the 20th century. In this episode of ‘Trouble in Utopia’ the focus was directed the reality of art in which we live in, also the ideas and details of which artist used to create architecture.Hughes mostly went into detail of looking or focusing on the utopian in the parallel lines of concrete and materials such as steel used as towering pillars with sheets of reflecting glass to ideally inhabit the modernism agenda. Also most of the ideas based on the utopian world was of the metropolitan city ‘New York’ with the towering skyscrapers of the 20tih century in which then began this utopian phase.

Trouble in utopia (ep4)(2014) BBC [online] Available from: https://youtu.be/C04JZsoqs1A [Accessed 3rd April 2018]