In one of the Thursdays, our teacher Noel decided to test us by giving us a brief that consisted on doing 100 ways on how to squeeze a lemon using our creativity as much as we could, to make us think outside the box. AT the beginning we thought it was going to be easy because its just lemons but then after we did around 25 or 30 we really that wasn’t that easy. so we started to share ideas, asking other people for ideas and understood that everyone as a different way to think about the same subject. so now I’m going to explain one of my ways to think and get ideas. one of them was things at home, windows, chairs, table, cutlery, bathroom stuff… anything that we use on a day to day bases at home. then were things at school like scissors, pencils, pen, keyboard… typical stuff that we can find in school. After came the non-sense stuff like crashing cars, planes and trains… wheels and hammers, punches.

Then we had to choose 4 and draw them better in a bigger space and paper. I’m going to talk a bit about my last chosen 4. So my chosen 4 were about things that I thought no one was going to do the same. I choose the plane crash because its something that shook people and attracts their attention. The syringe was chosen to the drug abuse of all ages and it changes people so much when you overdose it. The fork is because I love to eat, I can almost consider it a hobby. Maybe it’s the thing that at the same time makes me feel so many feeling. The ass was just the funniest and non-sense, and because of I’m not the best drawer in the world I thought it was easy to do it.

with this work, I conclude that we have to be creative and see things in every possible way and out of the box.